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FiberLabs Inc. is developing a wide range of optical equipment for optical fiber communication, optical sensing, bio-medical optics, and so on. Our unique optical fiber technology can produce lights of various wavelengths and properties, and this technology is utilized in our products.

ASE light sources are white light sources with high-brightness over a broad spectral range. FiberLabs is a pioneer in developing and delivering ASE light sources in new spectral ranges. Our products include the C & L-Band broadband light source, the FL7002-FL7004, and the ultra-broadband light source covering S, C & L-Band, the FL7701. These light sources are widely used in applications such as characterization of WDM components, optical sensing and other optical measurements.

Optical amplifiers are key devices in WDM transmission systems. FiberLabs offers optical amplifiers in O, S, C and L bands by taking advantage of unique optical fiber technology.

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